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Purist Two-Channel Audio Salon New York City
MAY 2012
Alan Sircon, editor of Hifi+ magazine calls the Audioarts room "one of the best sounds I've heard at a show, perhaps any show".

A new deck for most people (myself included) was the Holborne, a minimalist Swiss-made 5,275 Analog 2 turntable with matching $3,475 turntable and a made-for-Holborne Benz-derived moving coil cartridge for just under $2k. Driven by a belt made of magnetic tape, the deck was sounding intriguing in a Berning pre/power (with the new 60w mono versions of the ZH-230), driving a pair of prototype versions of the Zellaton Concert, using Tellurium Q cables once again. The room desperately needed more people in it when I was there, but had distinct touches of greatness about it. As in, this was warming up to be one of the best sounds I've heard at a show. Perhaps any show. Read More: New York Audio and AV Show 2012 at The Absolute Sound